Brian McNeill – No Silence

Brian McNeill – No Silence – Track Listing

  1. Two Minutes’ Silence
  2. The Coilsfield House Set
    – Coilsfield House
    – The Boy Gardener
    – Jenny Nettles
    – Paddy Bort’s
  3. The Yew Tree (live studio recording)
  4. Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul
  5. The Headlands/Canaan Lane
  6. John Harrison’s Hands
  7. When The Laverock Sang
  8. The Burning Of Auchendoon
  9. Prince Of Darkness
  10. The Modest Miss France Set
    – Modest Miss France
    – The Tuscaloosa Cardinal
    – Dancing Boney

Brian McNeill writes: “No Silence is an album I’m delighted with and proud of.  It’s a mix of favourite old songs and tunes never recorded in their current versions, and new material, which I’m pleased to tell you has been requested repeatedly after live performances in the UK, Europe and USA. The themes which have informed my songwriting over the last half century have proved as enduring, effective and passionate – and, I feel, relevant – as ever. I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

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