Caffrey/McGurk/Madge – Like Minds

Caffrey/McGurk/Madge – Like Minds – Track list

  1. The Hanged Man
  2. Brass and Iron
  3. Braw Sailin’ On The Sea
  4. Searching For Lambs
  5. Storm Around Tumbledown
  6. Ship of Dreams
  7. So Long (All Coiled Down)
  8. HMS Fox/Fox’s Waltz
  9. Come By The Hills
  10. The Whitby Whaler
  11. Bitter Whaling Ground/Rolling Down To Old Maui
  12. Icy Acres
  13. The Two Magicians
  14. Plains of Waterloo
  15. Time For The Leaving
  16. So Here’s To You

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