Friends of Friends of Folk – Bakers Dozen

A special CD celebrating the first decade of Friends of Folk, featuring… – Track list

  1. Ken Nicol – In The Wake Of Forward Motion
  2. Abbie Lathe & The Lovelies – Army Dreamers
  3. Chris & Siobhan Nelson – False Knight On The Road
  4. Abbie Lathe & The Lovelies – Mingulay Boat Song
  5. Telling The Bees – Wood
  6. Ken Nicol & Phil Cool – Confiding In Maria
  7. Abbie Lathe – Better Days
  8. Nelsons Wake – Heartbeat Of The Town
  9. Ken Nicol – IH
  10. Claudia Gibson – Highwire
  11. Ken Nicol & Phil Cool – Insobriety
  12. Andrew Keeling – Minako
  13. Ashley Hutchings & Ken Nicol – The Five Bar Gate

£5.50 + £2.00 Delivery

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